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Dystonia, tics, spasms, panic states for years – noticeably improved after 1 week of SOZΩ


Dystonia, tics, spasms, panic states for years – noticeably improved after 1 week of SOZΩ

I saw the patient myself during training in Cyprus: locked in the room at home for over 2 years with restlessness, tics, spasms, muscle pain = brain stem dystonia, after the FIRST check after 1 week: almost everything was gone. Been everywhere before.

Patient expires after ENT surgery

25-year-old patient, has 3 children, had a nasal septum operation at the ENT after a severe cold with a subsequent feeling of constipation. Unfortunately the feeling of constipation remained.

After the operation, enormous restlessness, automated twitching all over the body – especially the face, very restless legs.

Locks himself in a darkened room at home, can’t sleep all night (only during the day), can’t stand his children and family anymore, but can’t be left alone in the apartment either become (anxiety).

Went to all eminent neurologists, including psychiatrists, even in a clinic without help, MR is in the video, Petros sees “snowflakes” in the bridge area.

Patient was in Cyprus with Petros on August 20th when I was there for training for the second time.

now the video has come from the first inspection

The patient has improved massively, the TICs are gone, the muscle pain is gone, the panic states are almost completely gone.

All this after a week of brainstem stimulation.

Total treatment period will last 3 months.

Having already seen 24 patients live in Cyprus (around 15 of them after 1-2 months of treatment and experienced comparable improvements), I am convinced of lasting success.

Petros will give a lecture in Vienna at the IGMEDT on September 17th and from September 19th to 21st. September treated around 35 people in Vienna. The list of patients is now overfull, please don’t register anymore.

Video testimonial

I have the update from the check-up at the beginning, then there are short excerpts from the first neurological examination where you can see the tics quite well.



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