SOZΩ - Brain-Stimulation

Brain Stimulation

Dr. Petros Kattou has developed a completely new, revolutionary way of treating a variety of previously unsolvable problems! The results are actually shocking to me because a large number of previously unsolvable, most serious conditions can be significantly improved - why did I only find out about this now! Dr. Helmut B Retzek, holistic doctor in Austria

Dr. Helmut B Retzek, wholistic doctor Austria


After suffering for a long time himself and receiving several pain-surgeries, Petros Kattou (DO) has developed a new, revolutionary type of treatment for a variety of previously insoluble problems!

Scientific approach
Using tests based on centuries of neurological research, doctors trained in the "Cat" method can identify the area of the brain involved in each disorder. Thanks to scientifically based and proven therapies, conventional medical treatment can be optimized and its effect can be fully developed.

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