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Ultimate Guide to Vagis Stimulation via TENS

  Part 1   TENS 7000 - deliver also to Austria hier die Ohrclips - delivering to Austria   Teil 2  

Franchise Contract

You have all been sent this email : The word : Franchise is actually meant Associate / Accredited Center Dear all, Congratulations on completing SOZΩ Brain Center’s...

Research Brainstimulation

  Study selection was carried out by Dr. Petros Kattou - SOZO boss in Cyprus and comes from the original website from Cyprus.   70% of patients...

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Plato supervised training

the tDCS-Device that we use is wonderful in it's results. In addition it is one of the few that have the "medical license" to...

Patients Manuals and Downloads

  Manuals   Manual for PLATO brainstimulator  ENGLISH - deutsch Manual for DUCEST Neurostimulator - ENGLISH - deutsch  

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