costs of treatment


costs that Dr. Petros Kattou charges

These are the current prices that Dr. Petros Kattou charges for his treatments in Cyprus to foreign patients. If there is a social indication, he reduces his personal costs to a minimum and the device costs considerably. These costs here are a guideline for SOZO doctors who will individually adopt them to the needs of their patients.


medical fee (45-60min doctors time): 400,-

This usually includes all scores, often also an EEG and other examinations, especially “cat testing”. This is why such an examination can take in total 2-3 hours.

Training costs in the clinic: 30 minutes under supervision (nurse) with tDCS in the center: 100,-

As a rule, 6-10 training sessions are carried out under supervision before the patient is allowed to purchase a device for home treatment.



Dr. Petros method resides on his copyrighted examinations and brain-tests which are the basis of using specific treatment devices. The treatment is based on the targeted use of these devices, so it must be expected that such a device will have to be used and to be payed.

Ducest brainstem stimulator: 840,-

Disposable device, lasts for 3 weeks of treatment. Usually treatment of brain-stem affections start with one round of this devices.

For more severe brainstem inflammation (e.g. ME/CFS or active MS or polyneuropathia), 6 weeks of treatment (= 2 devices) is used. For severe and long lasting brainstem inflammation repeating treatment every six months with one device is planned.

The Electrodes of the device have to be exchanged from the physician every week, feeis handled individually by the physician.

Dr. Petros tends to refuse treatment if the prices of necessary devices cannot be handled at once. There is no “shortcut” and you cannot exchange one treatment against another.


Plato tDCS professional version 2.0: 1400,-

This device can be used by several people and has a 1-year guarantee (with replacement of any defective device). Usually used for life.