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Dr. Petros Kattou only takes doctors, not HP or energy therapists or so.

Training takes place in Cyprus and lasts 1 day with the right to additional days, sometimes there are also 2 or even 3 day courses.

Training costs 3000,-, and a Non Disclosure Agreement must be signed (NDA) to ensure that exact techniques are not simply passed on.

As a SOZO member you get access to the brainstem stimulators DUCEST as well as the brain stimulators PLATO, which SOZO Brain has exclusive rights to ,

also daily research updates from Dr. Petros Kattou as well as prompt support from Petros or me (Dr. Retzek).

Register for the training via the SOZO website: https://sozobraincenter.com/get-certified/

The whole thing is still “growing” and the administrative infrastructure (Website …..) in Cyprus is not perfected yet, but all the people around are making very honest efforts and the overall result justifies the circumstances and the price a hundret times!