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4 year wheelchair after spine cancer – starts walking after 1 week SOZO treatment


the next miraculous healing from Cyprus:

Petros finds ependymoma (spinal cord tumor) in the patient. Post-op, she sits in a wheelchair for 4 years because of leg paralysis, bladder and intestinal paralysis until she comes back to Petros. Able to stand after 1 week of brainstem stimulation.

did he really just find the tumor like that?

The patient came to Petros from South Africa 4 years ago because of weakness in her legs, burning pain, dizziness and balance problems.

Based on his neurological examination, Petros diagnosed a spinal cord problem, which was then confirmed with an MRI at home in South Africa:

The spinal tumor “ependymoma” was operated on and the case was even published in a journal by the neurosurgeon.

MR of the ependymoma


4 years after the operation – here the operation scar

Only now – after 4 years in a wheelchair with paralysis including bladders and rectal paralysis – was the patient, coming from South Africa, finally able to see Petros again and receive the brainstem stimulator from Petros.



After just a week of use, she tries to stand up for the first time at the next check-up at Petros and succeeds, she can even take the first few steps.


We don’t learn anything about the bladder and rectum in the video, I’ll add that here in a few weeks or months


Scientifically proven methodology

Like everything Petros does, there are also corresponding studies, here FullTextPDF.



Petros has a neurological specialist with him who documents these cases with EEG and lots of scores in order to publish them, but he is definitely the practitioner who provides therapy all day long.

Petros had 5 operations himself and was in a wheelchair

As he told us at our joint lecture in St. Louis/USA, from 2016 to 2019 he had surgery a total of 5 times because of unbearable pain in his spine and piriformis. So he got to know all these therapies himself and optimized them for himself.


Brainstem stimulation = also vagus stimulation

With brainstem stimulation there is also VAGUS stimulation! Here you go over the auricle and feed stimulating frequencies and impulses into the brain stem.

There are a total of 12 cranial nerves, most of which originate in the brainstem:

1. **Olfactory nerve (I)** – Olfactory nerve: not from the brain stem, but from the olfactory mucosa and ends in the olfactory bulb.

2. **Optic nerve (II)** – Optic nerve: not directly from the brain stem, but from the retina of the eye and goes through the optic chiasm.

3. **Oculomotor nerve (III)** – eye movement nerve: midbrain.

4. **trochlear nerve (IV)** – roller nerve: midbrain.

5. **Trigeminal nerve (V)** – Triplet nerve: Pons (bridge).

6. **Abducens nerve (VI)** – ophthalmic extractor nerve: transition from pons to medulla oblongata.

7. **Facial nerve (VII)** – Facial nerve: transition from pons to medulla oblongata.

8. **vestibulocochlear nerve (VIII)** – hearing and balance nerve: transition from pons to medulla oblongata.

9. **Glossopharyngeal nerve (IX)** – tongue-pharyngeal nerve: Medulla oblongata.

10. **Vagus nerve (X)** – Vagus nerve or “tail nerve”: Medulla oblongata.

11. **Accessory nerve (XI)** – accessory nerve: Medulla oblongata and uppermost part of the spinal cord.

12. **Hypoglossal nerve (XII)** – Sublingual nerve: Medulla oblongata.

Of these 12 cranial nerves, 10 have their origin in the brainstem. Only the first two (olfactory nerve and optic nerve) originate outside the brainstem.


The difference is transcranial brain stimulation

© 2013 Saiote, Turi, Paulus and Antal. – WIKIPEDIA

Here the cerebrum is fed from the outside

  • with pulsating magnetic fields,
  • AC pulses
  • Direct current


and causes targeted hyper- or de-polarizations whereby you can mildly activate or slow down parts of the brain and, via the neurovascular coupling, you can also stimulate blood circulation and probably the glymphatic system.

Details correspond to the NDA from SOZΩ – I can’t say more, all doctors who want to learn this from Petros have to NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) sign (= US medicine legally protected).


There is a lot of research on all of these brain stimulation techniques


</a > (c) Alexander David and Marom Bixon – from a YouTube lecture


Other brain stimulation options

then there are the impressive results with transcranial magnetic stimulation as seen in some Hospitals for depression is used,

or Transcranial pulse stimulation, such as in the Hamerling-Park medical center in Vienna</ a> with the multi-doctor Dr. Uta Santosand which is particularly helpful for Alzheimer’s.

this is a new medicine!

The fact that this can still be successful 4 years after the operation is simply miraculous to me and just as miraculous


To be honest, I was skeptical at first……

I saw it all live in Cyprus – but in the background I was thinking “what if they’re actors, there’s no such thing. What if they’re just fooling us……..</strong >”.


I can now experience this myself in my own practice

Now that we are starting to experience this in our own practice – some patients even allow me to make video testimonials, for example Gori with her slipped disc -OPI am slowly beginning to accept that this represents a completely new medicine that can actually cause corresponding miraculous effects,

My personal highlight is the patient with genetic mitochondriopathy with spinal muscular atrophy who after 30 minutes of brain stimulation instead of 5 minutes –> 27min could go and instead of 75% —> Had 96% O2 saturation.


I have only ever experienced something miraculous like this before with Renzo’s biophoton therapy

the magician and “healer” Renzo Celani together with the world’s best homeopath, the Swiss Dr. Jens Wurster

I have seen similarly miraculous, unheard-of improvements in some cases with biophoton therapy according to Renzo Celani; I have seen some testimonial videos in this article Renzo.

why do we no longer feature biophoton therapy

This treatment requires so much time and personnel that it cannot be carried out in a hectic “doctor’s office” (with its high fixed costs). This is a classic energy therapist practice therapy or physiotherapy or HP.

I had 3 employees trained at Renzo, they all then disappeared into my own practice and my own time is too expensive to carry out this therapy.


How often is it successful with the SOZO protocols?

I can’t yet say how often this works and for how many patients – and for how many not – we have only had the brainstem stimulator and the brain stimulators available in the practice for about 10 days

(not entirely true: I brought a brain stimulator with me from Cyprus and we have some practical experience with it, but I only got the brainstem stimulators last week)

But: we haven’t had a Parkinson’s patient yet, for example, where we didn’t see an effect in dhe has seen practice.


How long does it last?

Freezing in Parkinson’s with a single brain stimulation lasts about 4-6 days I can say with certainty. Since we didn’t have any home devices before, we only treated in the office.

However, after a single brain stimulation in our practice, a Parkinson’s patient has been getting out of bed on her own for 1 month – previously only with the help of nursing staff.


for colleagues, where can you find out more

Petros is coming to Vienna in mid-September and will give a lecture there.

Petros stops on Wednesday and Thursday 20-21. September 23rd in Vienna also a training course, costs 3000,- and NDA, for the whole organization I charge an additional 100,-

There is still a place for a doctor who wants to learn this.



If I had such an illness myself: next plane to Cyprus, direct flight 3.5 hours from Vienna to Larnaca, by taxi from the airport (90,-) directly to Limassol to Petros in the SOZΩ BRAIN CENTER


As always, the medical association disclaimer: yes, we are starting to offer this now – but since we are always fully booked for many months anyway and are close to retirement, this website is not advertising and not “vying for patients” but fulfills the moral obligation to share this incredible information with colleagues.


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