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Franchise Contracts


You have all been sent this email :

The word : Franchise is actually meant Associate / Accredited Center

Dear all,

Congratulations on completing SOZΩ Brain Center’s “Neuromodulation Techniques Training Workshop” last week! It was lovely to finally meet you all in person!

Here’s some information you will need to know moving forward:

Purchasing Neuromodulation Devices:
For those of you who would like to proceed with ordering devices in order to use them in your medical practice and sell them to your patients, please email Kindly state the type of device you want (tDCS – Flow/Plato or taVNS – DUCEST) and the desired quantity but allow for at least a week to deliver in order to foresee any transport delays. The prices we offer to the doctors who complete our training are as follows:
Plato: 450
Flow: 400

Franchise opportunity:
Doctors who complete neuromodulation training are offered the opportunity to franchise SOZO Brain Center into their own practice. The benefits of this include:
Membership in the INS – International Neuropsychological Society
Expand your medical practise and earn an additional source of income
Annual Training Workshops with live-patient demonstrations
Access to our International Scientific Advisory Board
Access to our treatment protocols, Medical Questionnaires and standard operating procedures (SOPs)
Marketing content including video testimonials, onboarding presentations, descriptive infographics, a brand manual and branded stationery
Monthly updated scientific literature
Networking events: Meet fellow members from all over the globe
Video Interviews of Leaders & Pioneers in Neuromodulation
Access to the new neuromodulation devices which are in the 2024 pipeline (tACS, tES and more)
Option to join the Multidisciplinary Medical Team
We are in the final stages of concluding the franchise agreements where you will be able to benefit from the above whilst supplementing the treatments you offer to your patients through neuromodulation techniques. We will keep you updated when these are available, but for now, for any questions feel free to contact

Finally, we encourage you to promote this training workshop to your colleagues who may be interested to learn neuromodulation techniques. Our goal is to educate more and more physicians about the many benefits our treatment methods offer. For registrations, you can direct them to our website, or you can forward them the link

Overall it has been an absolute pleasure to work with you all and welcome to the SOZΩ Brain Center network of medical professionals.

Kind regards,
Matthew Papadopoulos
Head of Marketing
icon +357 77 777995 icon +357 96 781461 icon
icon Theodorou Potamianou 56, Kato Polemidia, 4155, Limassol