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Plato supervised training


the tDCS-Device that we use is wonderful in it’s results. In addition it is one of the few that have the “medical license” to be used for “home-treatment”. 

Problem usability

High versatility and capabilty bring in the price to be more complicated in use.

Usually Patients that are in the boomer-generation or above have not grown up with digital devices and find problems installing and using such a device. 


Plato-training with versatile nurses in the office of Dr. Retzek

if you are a patient of Dr. Retzek then you will get the training up to 10x training included free with the price of the device.

If you bought the device with a different doctor you still can use our training facility in the office but you will have to pay.

At present we offer training up to 1h (= stimulation of 2 different regions of the brain) for 30,-, Mo/Tue/Thu during the whole day.

Note: in Cyprus with Dr. Kattou this training is charged with 100,-

This “trainings” do not include neurological testings or determining your personal tDCS training programs. You come with your ready training sheets from your SOZO-Doctor and we will

  • install the app on any smartphone. If you have problems we will get a cheap smartphone for you
  • show you how to prepare your treatment
  • show you how to connect device with smartphone
  • do the treatment and show you the proper motions to train the affected parts of the brain

For people elder than 65 years we recommend at least 5 supervised trainings. Usually they need 7-10 trainings until they are able to run the treatment alone at home.

If you need neurological examination to determine your dTCS training programs you ought to consult your SOZO-Physician or book a date with Dr. Retzek


How best to do training of your SOZO-PLATO-device

book 5 x training with us for a “2 day training schedule”

  • day_0: evening arrival in Voecklabruck, take your hotel room
  • day_1:  morning – noon – evening:  3 x training in office Dr. Retzek
  • day_2: morning – noon: 2 x training –> go-home

please book a room in one of the following hotels in or near Voecklabruck for two nights

  • Hotel Lindner:  07672 727270  –  400m
  • Hotel Auerhahn: 07672 23456   within the city – about 800m to walk
  • Hotel Attersee: 07662 6690 – beautiful scenic view – 12km
  • Hotel Weinberg: 07672 23302 – 5km